Strategy to Guarantee the Non-Repetition

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We advocated for the participation of State crime victims during the elaboration of the Peace Agreements to guarantee that human rights violations never happen again.

This strategy focuses on :

  • Contributing to the transformation of structural conditions that enable state violence.
  • Promoting the transformation of public policies that enable human rights violations.
  • Implementing strategies of social awareness that resist the victimization of the civil society by the
  • Promoting the change of the national security policy for the removal of the idea of “internal enemy”.
  • Promoting the non-repetition of violent acts that led to exile, proscribing and eliminating paramilitarism in the country and prohibiting genocidal practices and attacks on collectivities in the country.

The MOVICE along with other organizations encouraged the Fuerza Publica para la Paz campaign which promotes the adaptation of State institutions to the new peace building scenarios. This includes the transformation of the Public Force, which has been prepared for war for decades, in order for its actions to be in line with peace and the respect of human rights as a guarantee of non-repetition.

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