Strategy to combat enforced disappearance

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We intent to create a database with information regarding victims of enforced disappearance and the progress made in the search for them. This way, we can define a communication strategy in order for the community to build a shared truth on the facts that led to the disappearance. This strategy will focus on :

  • Strengthening our connection with the Unidad de Búsqueda de Personas dadas por Desaparecidas (UBPD), especially regarding cases of victims who are part of the MOVICE and developing Regional Search Plans at the level of MOVICE’s chapters and in cooperation with other provincial organizations.
  • Reinforcing our national collaboration through a real and effective participation from the provinces and victims, thus contributing to their empowerment and to the promotion of new leaders.
  • Developing a strategy of psychosocial support for families of victims.
  • Engaging in advocacy before the Ministry of Justice, the Interior Minister, the Vice-President and the High Counsellor for Human Rights for the UPBD reglementation.
  • Maintaining, strengthening and developing the Mesa de Trabajo de Desaparición Forzada (The Enforced Disappearance Work Group) and its advocacy work concerning public policies preventing disappearances and the implementation of the Plan Nacional de Búsqueda (National Search Plan).

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