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Make a donation, contribute to the victims’ fight In the Movimiento Nacional de Víctimas de Crímenes de Estado (MOVICE) we have historically combatted impunity, resisted forgetting the crimes committed and promoted the memory of our loved ones; victims of enforced disappearance, murder, torture, rape, and persecution. Thanks to your support, we can continue to grow Read More

What are State Crimes?

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The MOVICE is a movement in which organized groups of victims of State crime converge (learn more about our history). From our experience we consider that state crimes are mainly those perpetrated by State agents, or by non-State agents (such as paramilitary groups) acting in complicity with, or whose crimes are tolerated by, the State. These crimes Read More


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The Movimiento Nacional de Víctimas de Crímenes de Estado – MOVICE (National Movement of Victims of State Crime) is an organized movement composed of more than 200  organizations of victims of enforced disappearance, extrajudicial executions, targeted killings and forced displacement which supports organizations and human rights defenders. It was created 12 years ago and has Read More

Organizational structure

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MOVICE’s structure in 2018: The National Meeting with between 10 and 20 representatives for each chapter. At this event the Movement’s ethical and political positions are defined. The Enlarged Coordination Committee counts two representatives for each chapter plus the Coordination Committee’s organizations. This Committee meets once a year in order to draw up a balance Read More


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Our objectives: To reinforce the national participative movement in order to discover, denounce and eradicate forever the strategies, methods and criminal models developed by the State which still functions in impunity. To work to help reunite the victims of State terrorism in Colombia and set up collaborations between victims who have suffered from colonialist, state Read More


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The Movice is a convergence of social, victim and human rights organizations. Its financing and sustainability is achieved thanks to the projects of international cooperation that are financed by different international organizations and public funds from different countries. Similarly, the Movice has received donations from individuals in Colombia. The views expressed on this website reflect Read More