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Public Force for the Peace

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The National Movement of Victims of State Crime (MOVICE), along with other organizations, launched an initiative for State institutions to adjust to the new settings of peace building. This included the transformation of the Public Force, which has been prepared for war for decades, in order for its actions to be in accordance with peace and the respect of human rights as a guarantee of non-repetition.

This initiative includes six key proposals :
1) To reform the State Security Doctrine and put an end to the legislation promoting the conception of an “internal enemy”. (Watch video)
2) To dismiss the civil servants who acted or participated in any way in human rights violations. (Watch video)
3) To declassify and conserve intelligence archives for truth and historical memory. (Watch video)
4) To progressively reduce the number of members of the Military Force through government plans such as the suspension of compulsory military service. (Watch video)
5) To reform the National Police in order to make it a civilian corps attached to the Department of Homeland Security, and to abolish the Esmad. (Watch video)
6) To review the cases allocated to the Military Penal Justice and exclude from them the cases of human rights violations.

What do you think ? Want to join us ?
All for a Public Force for Peace ! (Watch video)

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