Una oportunidad para las Víctimas

An opportunity for the victims

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The Integral System for Truth, Justice, Reparation, and Guarantee of Non-Repetition (SIVJRNR) includes the effective participation of the all of the victims. It is in this framework that, as State crime victims, we participated and will participate in different ways : public advocacy to defend this participation, education to ensure the comprehension of the spaces of participation and the nomination, by human rights and victim organizations, of candidates to work in the Integral System mechanisms.

Preceding this campaign, Una Veeduría a la Paz (A Supervision of Peace) was a campaign with the aim to follow up on the implementation of the Peace Agreements: the debates in the Congress of the Republic (in the Senate and the House of Representatives) are crucial for the implementation of the Peace Agreements and specifically for the creation of the Integral System mechanisms. Therefore we have partnered up with other social and human rights organizations to make a statement for the effective participation of the congressmen in the debates, to avoid the postponement and the delays in legislative decisions and to conduct a follow-up of the discussions and progress made in their implementation.

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